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Human Resources


The purpose of this service is to assist you in finding effective solutions and to apply the best practices in human resources management, independently on whether you face challenges regarding the effectiveness of human capital, competitiveness of the remuneration system or the retention of executive personnel.


Strategies for remuneration:


  • Evaluation and structuring of positions;
  • remuneration system;
  • Non-monetary incentives and benefits;
  • bonus schemes and long-term incentives;
  • Remuneration of key management personnel;
  • Pay Well – Remuneration survey.

Evaluation of the human resource management:

  • Overall effectiveness of the human resource management function;
  • Inspection and evaluation of the human resources management (HR Due Diligence);
  • Alteration management and assistance with mergers and acquisitions;
  • Studies of motivation and commitment of the employees.

Other services in the field of HRM

  • assistance in the organization of internal communication between employees and management;
  • preparation and placing of advertisements, meeting the requirements of customers;
  • conducting interviews and pre-selecting candidates.